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Dianabol or Metandienone was the second anabolic steroid which appears in USA after testosterone, although its production no longer exist. It was created in the purpose of a non-injectable form of anabolic steroid, oral form, painless, giving high strength and muscular gains within a few weeks, due to its high water retention proprieties. In the 70s, Arnold Schwarzenegger made this drug very famous, he referred to Dianabol as “the champion’s breakfast”, and was known as the more potent anabolic steroid at the moment. Dianabol is actually the most famous brand name of the chemical metandienone, it is also called Dbol. You can buy metandienone in a variety of brand names like: Anabol, Bionabol, Naposim, Metanabol, AnabolexMetandienone is produced under many different brands names, all depends the country you live in.

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Dianabol dosage and cycles

It has always been seen as a high androgenic steroid option for men, the dosage range vary from 10 to 50mg per day, but the typical dosage is 40mg for men and 5mg for women per day. Fast acting oral steroids like dianabol is often combined with long acting injectable steroids. You can use dianabol as a kicker in your cycle the first 4 weeks, waiting for the testosterone enanthate to kick in for example. This is a common cycle used by bodybuilders and athletes. You will see results within a few days at 40-50mg dosage, you can use this full dosage pre workout or just split the dose every 6 or 8 hours. You also can take dianabol during your full cycle but we do not recommend to use it more than 8 weeks as it will put lot of stress on your liver, you also can take a liver protector just in case, the safer, the better. But personally I never user liver protector with dianabol and never had any liver issue with it, please also note that you should absolutely avoid alcohol during any cycle, not only because of your liver, but also because it will diminish the effects of the anabolic steroids. Some people use dianabol at low dosage as bridge between cycles, but I really do not recommend it, even small dosage of dianabol will keep your natural testosterone shutted down, so better recover your natural testosterone production between cycles with a correct PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

Dianabol side effects

Not everybody will experience side effects or may be different from one to another person. Common side effects are acne, aggressiveness, high blood pressure, as Dianabol has high level of aromatization, if you have problem with gynecomastia, it’s very easy to prevent it taking 20mg tamoxifen (nolvadex) per day during your cycle and during your post cycle therapy. But Dianabol has also good side effects, who said that aggressiveness is a bad side-effect? It is actually very good to move heavy weight and push your limits. Dianabol also cause happiness, you will feel really great while taking Dianabol and also it increase appetite, which makes it perfect for a bulking cycle!

Dianabol also cause water retention which is bad for a cutting cycle yes, but is good if you are looking for strength gains, as the water retention will increase your strength but also will prevent injuries, lubricating your joint. Whether it’s bad or good side effect, you can adjust it by lowering or rising your daily intake. Generally side effects are caused by the dosage, what I would recommend to you is to start with a small dosage like 10mg per day if you are a man then increase it by 10mg after a couple of day and so on until you reach the right effect you are looking for… As it is a fast acting anabolic steroid, it also cleans away from your body very quick, so if you experience any bad sides, you become too much aggressive or look like an inflated balloon because of water retention, then you just can stop taking it or reducing it, and undesired sides effects will just vanish quickly… Just be sure to always have nolvadex (tamoxifen) at hands, because dbol is highly aromatizing.

Dbol and Liver Toxicity

About the liver toxicity, I repeat again, I NEVER had any problem in the past using a dianabol cycle even using dosage high as 80mg per day! But if you want to prevent any liver damage, it is safer to stay at 50mg maximum per day and for 8 weeks maximum, some would recommend 4 weeks maximum, it’s up to you. In general the rule is to start off gradually and give yourself time to become more knowledgeable of your body and how it reacts to the different products you may be using. It’s never a good idea to just dive straight into the deep-end with high dosages. Also you can take a liver protector before starting your cycle, during your cycle, and after your cycle.

Conclusion & Recommendation

What I can say about Dianabol is that it is a great drug, this anabolic steroid makes me happy, hungry, I can eat a lot and add a ton of weight to my body and also strength gains are very fast and insane. The down note would be you could lose your gains pretty fast if you run dianabol alone and without a good pct. My recommendation is to use it as a quick starter of your cycle, for example for a 12 weeks testosterone cycle, when you start this testosterone cycle, you also take 40mg of dianabol during the first 4 weeks of this cycle, so you don’t have to wait the testosterone to kick in. By the time the testosterone kicks in, you will have insane strength and muscles gains with the dianabol. But if you really like the dianabol effect, you also can run it during your whole cycle, just be sure to not exceed 8 weeks of dianabol.