Stanozolol, more known under the brand name of Winstrol, is one of the most known drug in the athletes and bodybuilders circle. Stanozolol it is an anabolic steroid well known for having a big effect on the body and producing big results. Stanozolol is a very potent anabolic steroid, generally used for muscular definition, also it is less prone to side effects like high blood pressure, water retention, aggressiveness, making it a very popular anabolic steroid because of the less health risks involved in using it. Winstrol is a drug for small gains but with very few side effects.

Stanozolol Products: For Fat Burning & Cutting Cycles

Does stanozolol make you lose weight?

Stanozolol is often used in cycles to lower the body fat and for muscular definition, stanozolol is not directly responsible for the fat burning of the body, but it promotes a lipolysis through the help with muscular gains.

In this same way, the inexistence of water retention caused by this anabolic steroid also helps with the aesthetic aspect, leaving the muscles defined and ripped, without a bloating look. The truth about stanozolol is that it can help to get good results for someone who is looking for improving their training results with reduce side effects, so it makes this anabolic steroid a safer choice than a lot of other anabolic steroids which may have harsher side effects.

Although Stanozolol is not a principal anabolic steroid for bulking muscles, it can help in low doses to reduce the presence of the SHBG protein, leading to more free testosterone in the body, and favoring muscles gains. Other function of stanozolol is to help with optimizing metabolism in our body. This drug is able to drive water from one point to another in the body and can reduce the sub cutaneous water, leading to a more shredded look and more definition.

How to take Stanozolol?

The most common dosage is 100mg every 2 days injected intra muscular, or orally 50mg to 100mg daily, splitting the dose every 6 hours. A very important fact with Stanozolol is that the injections are usually painfull because it is a water based injection drug. With the frequency of the injections, it could hurt sometimes, but you always have the option to take the oral form of stanozolol. Taking high or low doses, orally or injections, the Stanozolol is a little confusing for people studying this drug. While some athletes take low dose to prevent injuries, it has very little impact on muscle gains in this case. Other studies show that stanozolol could cause weaker joints, so effects of stanozolol is the opposite in this case for athletes who are taking it for this purpose. Anyways the best for you, is to try it and adjust the dosage for the best results. Also you should always use stanozolol with short ester testosterone like testosterone propionate, which also helps with shredding and has no water retention. Also the stanozolol is efficient to block the estrogen receptor, fighting efficiently the gynecomastia.

Oral or injectable Stanozolol?

As you read above, it exists 2 forms of stanozolol oral and stanozolol injectable. Some people may have doubts in regards to which form to choose, which the best is for them. Well, the truth is, both are good. With both you will achieve same results, although the injectable form has less loss of product in the body, you would not notice a big difference as the oral form has a high bioavailability. Oral and injectable stanozolol are metabolized by the liver, but the injectable version is considered a little safer than the oral one. But if you stay with the recommended dosage, you will not have trouble with your liver, you also can use a liver protector.

Stanozolol for women

More potent for women, the use of stanozolol is very popular among the women athlete, as it could be used alone or combined. This drug is a low androgenic steroid, the dosage for women would be around 5 to 10mg daily. This dosage makes for a very safe cycle for women. As this anabolic steroid dries you with its low water retention proprieties, this drug becomes very interesting for women with great results in strength and quality lean muscle gains, and can be used by women in both cutting or bulking cycles.

Stanozolol Side effects

Stanozolol is considered as safer drug than many other anabolic steroids, because it has much less side effects. The injectable form is the safest but the oral form is almost the same for side effects, both are metabolized by the liver. In fact, you also can drink the injectable form and your body will absorb it as well. To be the safer with your liver, we do recommend you use a liver protector, it is always better to prevent than to heal. Libido could be a problem if you do not take stanozolol with testosterone. As you read above, you should ALWAYS include short ester testosterone in your stanozolol cycle (not for women), we recommend you use testosterone propionate. Anyways, as all studies of side effects using anabolic steroids, the results are always over exaggerated. Testing huge doses on small animals, so if you want to be safe, just take the recommend dosage and all will be fine.