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How To Get the Best Results from a Dianabol Cycle with No Side Effects

Dianabol Results: How to get the best results from your Dbol Cycle:

Today we’ll look at how to do a Dianabol Cycle properly for the best results. If done correctly one can gain 20 to 30 lbs (pounds) increase in muscle mass (possibly with very little fat) within 4 to 6 weeks. I’m sure alot of you will read 4 to 6 weeks and think cool all I have to do is add a few dbol tablets to my daily routine and and I’ll add on 25lbs of muscle. Well that’s not exactley the case, you see in order to do any steroid cycle properly which means safely and for maximum results there are a few things that needs to be taken into consideration.

First Let’s talk Safety while on a dbol cycle:

Dianabol is an oral anabolic steroid and the first principle of safety is to know that like with almost any thing “too much of anything can have a bad effect on your body” this is not only true with anabolic steroids but also with simple things like aspirins, alcoholand even pop soda. So if you approach a cycle with the though of “the more pills the more results” let me be the first to tell you not only are you wrong but you can also inflict severe harm to yourself going about things this way.

Secondly as with any oral anabolic steroids the human liver is taxed and if dosages are too strong or the cycle goes on for too long one can experience different levels of liver toxicity which in some cases may lead very damaging effects on the liver and even liver failure. Althought there are light-weight steroids like “anavar” that don’t tax the liver too much it is recommended as a safety precaution for people undergoing an oral cycles to also use a Liver Protector to protect their liver from possible harm.

Secondly: Dianabol Dosages for Male and Female for best results

When it comes to the daily dosages for men and women on a dbol cycle the numbers vairy. Assuming the dbol being used is genuine quality product, women will experience significant results using 5 to 10mg per day over 4 to 6 weeks the minimum dosage needed for male athletes to see results is around 20mg. Most male athletes use between 20mg to 50mg per day while the very extreme athletes will go as high as 100mg per day. Even-though 100mg of dbol is generally considered as safe that high amount is often not needed as most users will experience great results using anywhere between 30 to 50mg per day.

Thirdly: Dianabol + Proper Dieting and Exercise / Fitness Routines

While on your dbol cycle it is very important that you diet properly and also maintian a good gym/exercise routine. So after your exercise session which you should do at least 4 to 5 times per week be sure to take your protein recovery meal especially if you are doing high intensity exercises or resistance training. Apart form your recovery meal it is always good to ensure you are getting the adequate amount of nutrients and calories that your body needs.

Propper PCT: Post Cycle Therapy

Don’t leave out your PCT. Some guys usually opt not to do pct after their cycle but Post Cycle Therapy is very important, so important that many claim it’s just as important as the dosages you use while on your cycle. DBol PCT is very important to stop the side effects that can occur after an anabolic steroid cycle and also it helps to maintain your gains from your cycle.

Once you follow the propper dosage and also pay close attention to your diet and exercise routines you are guaranteed to see some great results that you will love and want to show off.