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A Look Inside the UK Steroids Industry

Recently a reporter did an investigative report on illegal UK laboratories that are manufacturing bootleg steroids to feed the nation’s growing habit for muscle-building drugs. He was allowed to visit one of the blackmarket labs, where he witnessed the process of mixing and making anabolic steroids.

Many people from the UK and around the world buy testosterone, dianabol, tamoxifen, anavar and many other anabolic steroids on a daily basis for different purposes, making this a very profitable industry for many labs, manufacturers and suppliers. In this video one of the guys working in the lab mentions that in a month they would make from £15,000 to £20,000 (UK pounds). But it should be noted that these bootleg steroids makers do not care if these mixtures produce a negative or even fatal effect on your body.

If you are considering using anabolic steroids for performance enhancement or medical therapy please be sure that the products you are using is 100% authentic. There are a few companies from outside the UK that has a good track-record for supplying customers in the United Kingdom and US but they are hard to find. Pro Anabolics has been successfully supplying customers in the UK for the past 2 years so if you don’t already have a trusted supplier you can give them a try.