DWQA QuestionsCategory: TestosteroneWhat would be the best/safest way to use Testosterone Cypionate?
iTujAorakolo Staff asked 10 months ago

What would be the best/safest way to use Testosterone Cypionate. Also what dosage do you recommend for me. I’m trying to bulk up on my muscle mass a bit.

1 Answers
iTujAorakolo Staff answered 10 months ago

When on your Testosterone Cycle, the best way would be to inject in your glute it’s absolutely painless. Be sure to use a clean syringe and clean the injected area with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton wool after you’re finished.

For the best results, for starters you can begin by pinning 500mg to 600mg per week then monitor the results if you feel you need a bit more pump then you can go for a higher weekly dosage. It is recommended that you keep the vial refrigerated when you are not using it.