DWQA QuestionsCategory: Sex Drive Libido Testosterone BoostWill Testosterone Help Me? I'm 55 and my girlfriend is 22
iTujAorakolo Staff asked 10 months ago

Will Testosterone Help me? I’m 55 and my girlfriend is 22 I look good for my age but need that edge when it comes to sex.

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iTujAorakolo Staff answered 10 months ago

Yes Testosterone will help you with your sex drive. Our best Testosterone is Testosterone Suspension. This Test is known to have a a very fast and strong effect on raising your libido. You’ll feel stronger, become more muscular and you will want to have sex all day however unlike testosterone cypionate or enanthate, test suspension has to be pinned every day but it’s a water based test so it’s painless. HCG is also great for increasing your sex drive and libido and boosting your natural testosterone production.