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Sustanon 250 : Top 5 Benefits / Effects


In this informative video we will look at 5 of the top benefits one can gain from the use of Sustanon 250. Sustanon is a testosterone blend that’s made up of 4 different types of testosterone esters with 2 being short esters which the user can begin to feel shortly after use and the other two being long esters which will remain active in the blood stream for days after being injected. Being an anabolic steroid Sustanon has many different ways by which it accomplish it’s overall effect on the body. Below are 5 of the top effects one can experience from the use of Sustanon:

  1. Increased Muscle Mass: While on a sustanon cycle you can expect to gain at least 6kg in muscle mass after 1 month.
  2. Anti-Catabolic effect: This basically means you keep more gains because sustanon protects your muscle mass from being broken down. Along with the anti-catabolic effect you will also notice more fat-burning while on a sustanon cycle.
  3. Increased Appetite: More food, more eating, more bulking up.
  4. Increased Blood: Increasing the number of red blood cells provides a better oxygen transport which means you will also experience increase endurance.
  5. Increased Libido: Sustanon use leads to improvements in terms of your sexual function and increased sex drive.

Below is a short animated video by Jason MacCaa breaking down these 5 effects: