DWQA QuestionsCategory: TestosteroneHow is Testosterone Suspension different from Cypionate?
iTujAorakolo Staff asked 10 months ago

What’s the difference between Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Suspension?

1 Answers
iTujAorakolo Staff answered 10 months ago

Testosterone suspension is pure testosterone in water suspension… It has no ester and active life is 24h so u have to pin it daily. Testosterone Cypionate on the other hand is 80% testosterone and 20% ester(cypionate). Cypionate has an active life of 10 days, this means if you pin 1ml per week its 100mg total but truthfully it’s actually 80mg Testosterone and 20mg cypionate ester which is released during 10days. This means you will get 8mg per day. On the other hand with test suspension when you pin 100mg per day, you will get 100mg of test per day instantly in your system, because this is pure Testosterone and has no ester attached. Usually pro bodybuilders and powerlifters use Suspension 3 weeks before an event to be in shape or to break world records for powerlifters. With Suspension you will feel the strength 2hours after first shot, its very powerful!