DWQA QuestionsXanax Bars : Is there a difference between the White 2mg and the Yellow 2mg
iTujAorakolo Staff asked 10 months ago
1 Answers
iTujAorakolo Staff answered 10 months ago

With the increased popularity of Xanax both for medical and recreational(not recommended) use, many people who are new to Xanax are asking if this question.
This is not an official statement on the difference between the white and Yellow Xanax Bars however what I can say is I’ve been using the white Xanax bar for over 6 years but a friend told me that the yellow bars are much stronger & I must say I’ve proven this to be very true in my experience after trying the yellow Xanax Bar. Also from my experience the yellow bars seem to have a sleep element to them. So you can expect to get knocked out much quicker when using the yellow however the effect of the yellow bars seem to ware off much faster than with the white.